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Trends in Teacher Workload

It’s easy to assume that teachers spend most of their time, well…teaching. But on average, teachers only spend 49% of their time directly interacting with students.

So how do teachers spend the other 51%? And how does that contribute to growing workloads and burnout?

Access our research based on LMS data to find out. 📊

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Trends in Student Workload

Using our unique data from learning management systems (LMSs), we took a detailed look at students’ workload in the 2021-22 academic year.

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2023 Edtech Landscape

With edtech tools becoming more ubiquitous in classrooms around the world, we wanted to figure out which solutions are the most used and most effective based on student outcomes.

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case study

Portland Public Schools

Learn how Portland Public Schools (ME) found an oasis of insights in their school data using the Schoolytics Unified Data Platform.

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interactive template

PLC Meeting Template

This professional learning community (PLC) meeting template is interactive and printer-friendly.

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The Effects of Chronic Absenteeism

72% of schools reported an increase in chronic absenteeism during the 2021-2022 school year. The impact of this trend goes beyond missed classes.

Check out our research to uncover the hidden impacts of chronic absenteeism in schools.

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Free Guide

Conference Data Prep Guide

Data is the backbone of most parent-teacher conference discussions. This free guide covers:

– How to produce conversation-ready reports
– Must-haves for your conference folder
– Follow-up strategies to improve outcomes

Start having better conference conversations today!

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